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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, i have not done very well with listing the things I am thankful for each day, so here is a big catch up and the final day.  I have much to be thankful for and I strive to be better about daily remembering the blessings in my life.
22-I am thankful for my sisters.  I love having sisters.  It is an awesome relationship.  I am lucky that my sisters are my best friends too.  It is nice to be loved as you are and called out when needed.  It is fun to be around my sisters, just laughing and talking and being together.
23- I am thankful for my dad.  He is a strong moral example to me and others.  He is making a difference in the world.  He is encouraging and supportive. He would do anything for me. I am a lucky girl!
24-I am thankful for Barrett.  He's funny and easy going.  He is developing quite the competitive spirit.  He is caring and sensitive to others.  And, he gives the best hugs.
25-I am thankful for a house that is becoming our home.  Its nice to be getting settled in a place and making it ours.  And, I really thankful that Derek finished the side fence!
26-I am thankful for Brooklyn. I love having a little girl.  She is a mix of princess and queen!  She is fun to be around and makes me laugh.  She has her own way of doing things, which my or may not be the same as mine.  She is a great buddy to spend my days with.
27-I am thankful for my parents, my inlaws, grandparents, other relatives and family friends who helped to shape me into the person I have become.
28-I am thankful for our church.  It is a loving body that seeks to serve God and others.  I feel challenged to go deeper in my personal faith and show the love of Christ to others.  I pray that I can begin to get uncomfortable for Jesus.
29-I am thankful for Derek.  He is my everything.  I am so blessed that I married him.  He is so kind, thoughtful, easy going and selfless.  He puts aside his stress from work when he comes home and is on for me and the kids.  I appreciate that he tries hard to balance his work and family life.  He is my best friend, the one I want to share things with.  I am so thankful for the man he is and that he is mine.
30- I am thankful today for a clean house, no laundry to fold and all of the dishes put away.  I love feeling like things are under control on the homefront!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Princess Wishes

A few weeks ago, Brooklyn and I met Kara and Elizabeth for Disney On Ice in Waco.  The girls were beside themselves with excitement.  It was a cute show and lots of fun.  I really enjoyed getting to hang out with Kara.  we hardly ever get to have sister time like that.  And Brooklyn and Elizabeth had fun together too.  The girls were mesmerized by the princess.  What a fun memory for us all.


Ready for the show to start

All smiles!

Ariel- our favorite!

Silly girls

Cinderella and her carriage
fun times together

Sunday, November 21, 2010


18- I am thankful for my girlfriends.  I am so glad to have girlfriends in my life who love me as I am.  I can laugh, cry, talk about nothing or something deep with my girlfriends.  I enjoy having people I can call an talk about anything with and people to get advice from who are going through similar things as me.  Its nice to have people who help you out in a pinch and friends who give you a hug, a call and hold me accountable.  I am so blessed to have my friends!
19- I am thankful to be a stay at home mommy.  I am glad that I get to just hang out with the kids and be around.  It s nice to not have to rush off to work, but stay in our jammies all morning if we want(well, me and Brooklyn anyways). I am glad that Derek is happy for me to be home with the kids for now.
20- I am thankful for the basics- food, clothing and a home.  I was reminded of the blessing of having what I consider the basics, and then some.  We can get the things we need and often things we want and I am so thankful for not having those worries.
21-I am thankful for Jesus.  I was listening to some praise music today and got all tearyeyed thinking about the amazing love Jesus has for us. Jesus loves me, He loves you! He died for my sins and forgives me for ALL of my sins.  How amazing!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful 16 &17

16- I am thankful for my mom.  She is a wonderful mother.  She is patient and never complains.  She is a great listener and gives good advice when asked. She has taught me so much about life.  My mom is fun to hang out with and shop with too.  She is an amazing example to me of a mom,wife, and Christian.  I am so thankful to call her mom.  Thanks mom for all you do!

17- I am thankful for our huddle.  Derek and I have been working this year with the freshman at our church.  The idea is to stay with the same kids for 4 years, until they are seniors.  High school is such a fun time of life and  these kids are fun to be around.  They are smart and have lots of interesting things to say.  I am looking forward to continuing to build a deeper relationship with these kids in the coming years.

Fun Field Day- 1st grade

B had field day a few weeks ago at school.  He had a great time playing the games and activities.  The weather was great for being outside.  It was a fun day for B and his buddies.
Barrett was the flag holder

Rock climbing wall

Climbing the net
Brooklyn even got in on the climbing action

Bouncing along

Ready for the scooter race

Barrett's girl Lauren

B's buddy, Sam

Concentration on doing well

This was a favorite activity

Holding the sign- they all had to pick healthy foods

parachute- I remember these

Sack racing
Capture the flag

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful 14 & 15

14- I am thankful for our Care Group.  Care Group has been such an important part of our lives since we were first married.  And, while our group has changed alot since then, it still serves as a place where we grow closer to God and to our friends.  Our kids love going and seeing their friends.  And, Derek and I have formed close relationships with those in our group.  It is great to have a place where you can share what is really going on in your life and to know that you have a support system of fellow Christians.

15-I am thankful for coffee!  I usually start each day with a few cups of coffee to get my day started. On Monday mornings especially, I need my coffee!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some more Thankful...

#12-I am thankful for date nights!  Derek and I try to go out every few weeks together. It is always nice to just be together and get out of our routine.  We usually have a great time together and have a chance to talk uninterrupted. We went out last night and I am thankful for time with my guy!
#13-I am thankful for lazy Saturday mornings.  We all slept in today, ate a big breakfast.  The kids played while D and I got to chat and drink many cups of coffee.  It seems like relaxing mornings are few and far between, but I am thankful for this one.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DC-the final day

Our last day in DC, Saturday, we woke up and headed out to eat breakfast.  It was hard to find a place that opened early for us, but we did.  It was cool brunch place inside of a bookstore.  We ate a yummy breakfast and talked about our favorite things from the trip.  Then we browsed around the bookstore.  After we all got books, we took a cab back to the condo, packed up and went to the airport to head back to Austin.  
My boys!
Love these guys and gal!

The girls enjoying our yummy breakfast

Kramerbooks & Afterwords- cool bookstore and breakfast place

Having fun

Waiting at the airport, ready to head home

Hanging out in the airport

We had a great time on our trip to DC.  It was a great time to hang out with my dad.  It was a fun time for our family to hang out together and make many memories.  We saw alot and learned many things and I am already looking forward to our next family trip together.  Thanks Dad for showing us a great time!!

Thankful 11

Today is Veteran's day and I am thankful for those who have served and are currently serving our country in the armed forces. I am thankful for my grandpa, pops, who fought in WWII.  He was just a young kid, leaving home for the first time, fighting for his country.  I am thankful for my dad, who was in the air force, but never made it to war.  I am thankful for our friend, Luis, who is currently fighting in the army.  He is away from his wife and 2 girls protecting us. I am thankful for all of the people who dedicate their lives to serving us and fighting. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A few days of thankful

#8- I am thankful for the library.  I know it seems kindof strange to say.  But, I love the library! I love to read, but would spend a fortune on books if not for the library.  I hear of a book or see one when I am out and then just request it.  And, then I go pick it up for free.  its great.  The kids love going and getting books too.  Barrett has especially gotten into going to the library now that he reads.  Its a great place and I am glad I can get so many books from there.

#9-I am also thankful for friends from college.  I talked with one of my college roomies the other day and it was great.  I love all of my friends from college and just love that we pick right up like it hasn't been any time since we talked.  We know so much about each other and still have a strong connection.  College was a really fun time and I am thankful for these special people.

#10-I am thankful for the phone.  I have always liked talking on the phone, just ask my parents about my phone bill when I first went to college.  But, I love that I can just pick up the phone and connect with a friend, sister, family member.  Whether the conversations are long or short, deep or just shooting the breeze, its nice to be able to connect with those I care about

Monday, November 8, 2010

Brooklyn's special day

The boys went to Houston to watch a Texans game and Brooklyn and i stayed home and did some girly stuff.  She kept calling it her special day.  So cute.  So, here is the list of what she wanted to do on her special day. And thats exactly what we did...

*Go to church, but only class and then go to service with mommy.  (As an added bonus, she got to sit by her buddy Caroline too.)
*Go get ice cream at Yogurt Planet. (We actually went to lunch at Chedd's first, because I was hungry and wanted some yummy grilled cheese.)

Brooklyn's grilled cheese


My sandwich-delish!
Eating some yogurt!
*Get our nails painted and a masssage(otherwise known as a manicure)
Having fun!

Letting her nails dry.  Her naked doll came along too!
*Get a toy-she picked a cell phone with lip gloss in it and some bangle bracelets.
*Have a makeover- I put makeup on Brooklyn(blush, eyeshadow, etc) and did her hair.  We kindof did a mini makeover since we were going to Care Group.
* Go to care Group.  This was the last thing on her wish list.
One the way home from CG she said this was such a special day and she's lucky I'm her mommy. Ahhhh!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful #7

Today I am thankful that we got to "fall back" and get some extra sleep.  We all slept in later than usual and then had time for a big homemake breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, which never happens on Sundays. I like that it was already light outside when we got up. Usually Sunday mornings are pretty rushed around here, so it was a great start to the day.
I am also thankful that Brooklyn and I got to spend the day together having girl time while the boys were away.  Its fun to have a little girl to hang with.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gypsy Food

Today we headed to Auditorium Shores and went to the Gypsy Food Festival.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.  We soaked up the sun, heard some tunes, watched a magic show and sampled some trailer food and a dessert from the many food trailers out. The lines were a little long, but we managed to get full on some yummy food.  
Brooklyn eating a quesadilla from Colibri

The boys with Tacos from Izzoz

Some entertainment

Listening to some tunes

Doughnuts from Gordough's-Yum!