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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starting school

School started this week. Brooklyn started Kindergarten and Barrett 3rd.

Brooklyn was beyond excited to go to school.  The whole week before school, she would wake up and ask if today was the day for school to start and then be disappointed when it wasn't here yet.  She was so happy on the first day of school and couldn't wait to leave for school.  She had a fabulous day and enjoyed meeting friends(though she couldn't remember any names) and being the line leader.  She saw Barrett during the first day and that made her happy.

Barrett wasn't as excited about school.  He told me he was feeling 60% excited, but I think that went up as the day went on.  He said he had a great day.  He has lots of friends in his class and is looking forward to his third grade year.

The kids rode the bus home the first day and thought it was awesome!!  They have been riding the rest of the week too and think it is fun.  Hopefully the novelty won't wear off.

The first week of school had been a great week! its so hard to believe that both my kids are in school.  Where did the time go? I am so glad they enjoy going to school.  Here's to a wonderful year!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer time happenings

We went to Galveston with my family at the beginning of August.  Almost everyone was able to come for at least part of the time.  We missed Suzy, Hallie and Presley though.
 We celebrated Brooklyn and Levi's birthdays with cupcakes and presents.  Brooklyn wanted to wear a tiara for her party hat! We enjoyed spending our days at the beach swilling, boogie boarding, floating, building sandcastles, playing in the sand and hanging out. We all love the beach! We even spent a day at Schlitterbahn, which was a huge success.  We had a great vacation together.
Brooklyn and Levi's birthday cupcakes

Brooklyn and Levi

Cousins hanging out

Silly Jackson

So sweet!

Nana and Teddy and the grandkids


The girls!


Fun in the water
catching some waves

Playing some serious smashball

Building sandcastles

Ferry ride to Bollivar Pennisula

It was such a fun relaxing time to hang at the beach.  I loved spending time with my family and seeing all of the cousins play!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brooklyn turns 6

My little girl turned 6 a few weeks ago.  I can not believe it!  She is a spunky, funny girl who I love so much.  Brooklyn wanted to have an art party for her birthday. She planned the whole party out exactly how she wanted.

Art station outside

Brooklyn and Olivia- we  were glad she could come

Nana and Aunt Kellee helped with the party

Me and my sweet girl

Making cards and drawing pictures

Painting suncatchers

Spray painting

More spray painting 

cupcake time!

Making a wish

Sprite over colored ice cubes to make a rainbow drink

Enjoying her rainbow cupcake

The artists and their canvas masterpieces

Picture frames they all painted 

 On Brooklyn's actual birthday, we had pancakes and bacon and pigs-n- a blanket.  All of her faves! She was so excited!  She decided to wear a streamer as her "bow tie"!

She got some headphones

And some cowgirl boots

Listening to some tune


Nana and Teddy with 3 of their grandkids