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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Putt-Putt and Sno-cones

On Saturday we decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather we were having in Austin. Barrett wanted to go play putt-putt, so that's what we did. It was a fun time. Barrett was really good at playing miniature golf and even had some hole in ones! He took the activity very seriously. Brooklyn decided to use her hands instead of the club after about the 5th hole and then she started to enjoy the game alot more. She also enjoyed climbing all over the creatures and designs that were at each hole.It was a fun family activity for us.

After we left the putt-putt place, we stopped for some local sno-cones. They were so good. The ice was just like Cajun Cones in Abilene(my all time fave). Brooklyn got a flavor called Barbie, Barrett got sour apple and orange and Derek and I split a banana coconut one. YUMMY! It was a fun Saturday for us to spend together.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

House Hunting Blues

We are full swing into our home search. It is becoming really overwhelming. We've been looking at lots of houses and I feel so confused. I really just want to drive up to a house and feel like"This is it! This is where I see our family living."
We've both made our wish lists of what we want and are trying to prioritize. Of course, its a bit of a problem when you want it all and don't want to have to give up anything. We were mainly looking in 2 neighborhoods, and now are looking in one of the same and have added 2 other neighborhoods. Hopefully more houses will come on the market soon.
I feel like we are getting closer to finding what we want, but not quite there. I don't want this home search to overtake all my thoughts, but I can see that is where I am headed I'm afraid.
Of course the kids are pretty easy to please. I asked Barrett the other day how he would feel if he went to a different school for 1st grade and he said" Well, would a get a toy like I did on the first day of Kindergarten?" I said" Sure" And he said" Yeah, thats ok. I'd like getting a toy" And we went into this house that was tiny and the kids both said" Buy it! Buy it! It has a pool!" Not that that is on our priority list, but the kids want a house with no stairs and a pool!
Who knows what is going to happen, but we are both prayerful that we will end up in the right place for us. I am ready for a house that we can feel settled in, a yard for the kids to play in and a place we can call home.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its Rodeo Time!

The Star of Texas Rodeo is here! We have been out to the fairgrounds twice this year. Raegan and I took the kids out to the fair during the day to see the animals, and watch our friend, Tate, do the mutton bustin'! He did great and even won a trophy. The kids loved seeing him hold on tight to the sheep. It was fun to watch. We also watched the Swine Sprints, which the kids really enjoyed too. We ate some carnival food and the kids rode a ride. We also went to the petting zoo, let the kids collects eggs, apples and potatoes. We went into the General Store and noticed after a while that Brooklyn was wearing a pink bracelet. I guess she put it on at one of the stores and and was wearing it! When we went to return it, the lady at the shop thought it was funny that we had a little shop lifter in our group. It was a fun time and we were all worn out after it.

We went back to the rodeo on Friday evening with Derek and had a fun time as well. The kids got to ride lots of rides and thoroughly enjoyed it. They also tried the ring toss and dart throwing. Barrett managed to win a teddy bear with skulls all over it. We met up with our friends the Browns and did a few more rides. All of the kids went on a little roller coaster. Brooklyn was a little scared during the ride, but when she got off she said it was so fun! We also went to the animal barn and saw the longhorns and sheep. Then we headed into the main arena for the rodeo events. It was fun to watch and the kids got a big kick out of seeing the events. Barrett kept asking when he was going to see the pretty girls go around the barrels and he finally did. After the rodeo, we heard the Randy Rogers Band. They were pretty good and we enjoyed listening to the music. The kids both fell asleep and so we finally decided to leave. It was a fun, enjoyable time for us. Can't wait for the rodeo next year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Camping at Pace Bend Park

We decided to spend some of our Spring Break camping. On Thursday morning, we loaded up and headed out to Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis. I like that it is so close to us and took only about 30 minutes to get there. We found a great little spot to camp, set up and then began exploring the land. We hiked, climbed some cliffs, took a canoe ride, fished, tried to skip rocks and the kids even swam a bit in the freezing water! The kids also got to fish alot, though Derek caught the only fish. We also played baseball and soccer and the kids rode their bikes. I even got to relax in the sun and read my book. We enjoyed a yummy dinner of steak and potatoes(though, I felt like we were eating the entire time we were there) and of course ended with some smores- our fave! After the kids went to bed, Derek and I hung out by the fire and talked late into the night. We all slept pretty good in the tent and woke up around 8:30. The kids and Derek fished some more. We explored, played soccer, hung out by the fire and enjoyed being together. We headed home on Friday afternoon. We had a great time and plan to do many more camp outs in the future!

Setting up campMe and my sweet kiddosGoing for a canoe rideFamily funBike ridingHiking and exloringHanging out

Fishing- Brooklyn getting tips from BB fishingBrooklyn with her pink fishing poleBarrett fishingB and D playing ballMaking smoresEnjoying powdered donuts for breakfastHanging out in the cliffsSwimming- they were bravePacking up to head home

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Hook em'

It was absolutely beautiful in Austin this past Saturday and perfect for being outside. We decided to go see a Longhorn baseball game. It was so much fun!! The kids loved running up and down the hill and Derek and I got to sit together and enjoy the game. Baseball is so laid back and enjoyable to watch. It was a fun, relaxing day for us all.
Watching the players come on to the field
Daddy and his little girlEnjoying the gameGo LonghornsEnjoying a sno-cone at the gameB with his legos on the Longhorn dugoutMy favorite people

Like father, like son