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Monday, September 28, 2009

Marathon Relay

This weekend I ran in a marathon relay with some friends(Alissa, Kirsten, Mindy and Ginny). It was alot of fun. There were 5 people on our team and we each ran a different leg to run a total of a marathon distance. I ran the first leg. It was a little hot, but the course was pretty flat and there was lots to see. And it was nice to be able to have it finished and then sit back and watch the other girls run. We also hung out with our friends Adam and Jessica who were on another team. I look forward to running it again next year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love looking for new recipes, whether its on the internet, in magazines or in cookbooks. Derek often wonders about recipes that we had in the past, that we both like, but never have again because I want to try new one out instead. I have some standbys that I make alot, and then I try to throw in new ones as well. I really enjoy cooking and baking. I have some cookbooks and websites that are my "go to" places, but am always on the look out for new ones. Friends and family are often my favorite source of recipes but I also look around at other places too.
Here are some of my favorites:

Classic dishes, desserts and casseroles- Kingwood C of C cookbook, Memorial Cof C cookbook, Northland cookbook( really any church cookbook probably has the same recipes, all ones that we grew up with, I just like these because I know alot of people who contributed)

Quick and Easy- Rachael Ray Classic 30 Minute Meals, Better Homes and Garden Cookbook,

More Challenging/Gourmet-The Pastry Queen

Lots of different meals types- Southern Living book of recipes(they make one each year that has all of the recipes from the magazine), Food Network cookbook, Rachael Ray

Baking-The Pastry Queen,

Internet-, or 5 stars),, paula deen

Please share with me your faves so I can check them out. As I mentioned, I am always looking for new things to try.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last weekend was a fun time. Friday night, Derek and I went to dinner at Santa Rita and then saw the Eli Young Band in concert with our friends, the Walker's. The band was great!! I love their music. And the rain held off so we could enjoy the concert without having to mess with that. It was a great night.
We got up early on Saturday to go to Dallas. All of my family was getting together to go to the ACU game at the Cotton Bowl and to celebrate all of the August/September birthdays. We ate some yummy Mexican food and then had cake and cupcakes that Kellee made. We made a pit stop at Dick's to get ponchos and rain gear for the game. It rained most of the game, but we sat in the covered area and it was fine. All of the cousins had a great time running and playing. It was a fun experience. The game went into overtime and a player got the ball and ran for a 90 yard touchdown and we won the game. Very exciting.
Sunday we went to Kellee & Anthony's church, then lunch and then we headed back to Austin. I love hanging with my family. It was a wonderful weekend together!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach babies

I just realized I never blogged about our beach vacation to Port A.
I love Port Aransas. I grew up going to S. Padre every summer and I love it. But, I also really like the family feel of Port A. and plan to go there often. It is very casual and low key. We went in August to the beach with Kurt and Suzy and their kids. We stayed in a condo on the beach. It was a relaxing, fun time. There was lots of swimming in the beach and pool, building sandcastles, digging in the sand, riding the waves, lots of sun and smiles. The kids loved the beach- and the pool too! It was a great time for our family to hang out together. The kids loved their beach vacation and so did we.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Barrett has been taking karate this summer. The class is now over and Barrett seemed to like it and learn a few things too. He got his white belt last week and was so excited! He had to say his student creed in front of the class in order to get his belt. We are proud of him for trying something new.Barrett's classKarate movesPunching Pablo- offensive hitSaying his student creed to the class
Getting his white belt

Barrett is all smiles after getting his white belt!