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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whats been goin' on

So, I am finally writing a blog post.  When we got back from our trip to the Bahamas, my computer crashed. Then Derek went out of town with his computer and I have been without computer access for a while.  So, now I have a new computer (that I am trying to figure out) and  I am glad to be able to be back and connected through email, blogging, etc.
Here's a run down of the last few weeks. Lots of things have been happening:
We had a great time at The Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was beautiful and relaxing.  We enjoyed hanging out in the sun and being together
.Kellee and Anthony came to visit us Mother's Day weekend. We had a great time with them.  We ate at lots of restaurants, walked around downtown, and enjoyed hanging out together. Kurt and the kids came over one night and it was a fun time!  And, we even got a sitter so the four adults could enjoy sometime together without the kids. We at South Congress cafe-awesome and went to cedar Street Courtyard.  It was a fun time, even if the band was not so great.

That same weekend, we found out about a house that was going to go for sale soon.  So, we all looked at it, thought about its possibilities and decided to make an offer on the house. It all happened so quick after months and months of looking. We close this Friday(hopefully!!) and will move in the end of June.  We are really excited about the house.  It needs lots of love and we will take our time in making it ours.  The yard will be wonderful for the kids and it backs up to the greenbelt, so that will be fun too.  And, Barrett will continue at the same school he attended this year. We are really  looking forward to our new home!
Barrett finished up his first season of t-ball.  He loved playing and it was a great experience for him.  I see many more years of baseball and other sports in our future
Barrett turned 6 last week!!  I can't believe it!! I think I say this every year, but where does the time go? We celebrated his day with donuts,  Barrett wanted to go to an Astros game with Derek to celebrate his birthday.  So, they went to Houston this past weekend and saw the Astros play.  I don't know who had more fun- Derek or Barrett!  Such a special memory for them.
Brooklyn finished up preschool with a splash day and a program.  She has had a wonderful year and had great teachers.  We are so pleased with her experience at a new school.  She was so loved and learned so much about God and the world around her.
Barrett gets out of school next week and we are ready for summer to begin!! We have lots planned around town and look forward to taking it easy! He has had a great year in kinder and has learned so much!
Thats a may wrap up.  I'll post pics soon from all thats been going on.  We are headed to Htown for the memorial Day weekend and looking forward to being with family.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Barrett turn 6!

Barrett turned 6 on May 19th. He is an awesome kid.  He is considerate of others and compassionate toward people.  He is great about making friends and including others.  He loves to build with legos. He loves all kinds of sports and loves to be outside playing a variety of games with the different kinds of balls he has.  He is to busy to sit down for long, but he does like to watch shows on the Disney Channel.

On Barrett's actual birthday we went to Freddie's Place and then had cake at the house.  Kurt, Suzy and the kids came over. Barrett wanted a read and green cake with white and black icing, which I made.  Whatever happened to chocolate?
 Some 6 year stats-

Weight- 45 pounds and Height 47 3/4 inches
 For his birthday, Barrett wanted to go to an Astros game.  So, Derek and Barrett went to Houston to see the Astros play the Rays.  They both had a great time. Derek caught a ball in batting practice that Barrett was thrilled to get to keep.  Barrett got all sorts of other goodies too, like a bat, rubber ball and food treats.And, they ran into our friends, Shane and Brandi, and got to sit and visit with them some.  What a wonderful memory together


Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Program

Brooklyn had her spring program at school where she sang a few songs.  It was a sweet  show.  Brooklyn has loved school this year.  She switched to a new school this year and I think we were all hopeful for a smooth and positive transition.  It turned out to be great.  Ms. Brooke and Ms. Gry were her teachers.  She was so loved by them.  And she learned so much.  She knows the sweetest church songs and the school focuses on God and His love for people.  I appreciate that kind of environment.  Brooklyn had a wonderful year and made lots of friends too.