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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas. Barrett was really excited about Santa this year. We started a new tradition by opening our presents with just the four of us here on Friday. We had breakfast for dinner and then opened presents here. It was a special time with our family.
Then on Saturday we headed to Galveston where Derek's parents rented a house on the beach. Derek's sister, Michele and his Uncle Dennis were also there. Barrett and Brooklyn both took to Uncle Dennis right away. He was so good and patient with them. Galveston is a special place for us, because that is where we got engaged. We went to dinner at Gaido's(the place we ate on the night of our engagement).

On Sunday we went to Moody Gardens. Barrett liked the aquarium the best. Leigh and the girls met us there too. Uncle Dennis and Barrett went looking for shells on the beach and Derek and I grabbed some coffee and went for a walk on the beach. Derek proposed to me on the beach and so it was making us feel reminiscent! I am so happy I married Derek. He is awesome!! The girls spent the night at the house and Barrett had a great time hanging out and playing with them. They just all giggled and enjoyed being together.

Monday, the four of us went to the Stand for lunch, shopping, and of course a chocolate malt. We got to see my parents for a while too since they were also in Galveston. We ate soup on Christmas Eve and set out milk and cookies for Santa. Barrett was really excited for Santa to come! Barrett even left two cars for Santa to play with while he had his milk and cookies!

Barrett's favorite thing from Santa was a rescue helicopter and some army men. Brooklyn liked her shape sorter, books and goldfish snacks(her favorite)!! We went for a walk on the beach. Barrett and Brooklyn had a blast digging in the sand and looking for shells. Rich, Leigh and the girls came over and we ate lunch and opened presents. We headed home on Tuesday and both kids slept almost the whole time. They were exhausted from their trip! It was a fun time for us all. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.

Our family at Gaido'sLooking at the shark tank at the aquariumWOW! That is a huge python!Playing in the Discovery pyramidThe rainforest(we have a picture just like this from when we got engaged)

Barrett and Uncle Dennis looking for shells

Harper, Sydney, Barrett and Aunt Michele playing memory

At La King's on the Strand enjoying our malts, shakes and ice cream

She is such a happy girl!

Getting ready for Santa

Santa came!

Looking at all the goodies

This is cool!

Playing on the beach

B playing with his new helicopter

The Reaves family

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

Our sweet Brooklyn turned 16 months old on Decmber 18th. Here are 16 things about our little princess.

1. She talks all the time. I am understanding more and more words each day. It is so fun.

2. LOVES the phone! She loves to talk on it and doesn't like for anyone else to talk on it. And she has already made several calls.

3. She gives wonderful hugs!

4.She has given up her morning nap and takes one in the afternoon and then is tired around 7. It is nice to not be so homebound because of the nap schedule.

5. I guess girls are just born this way, but she will throw herself on the ground and throw a fit when she doesn't get her way.

6. She loves to put on ball caps backwards . It is so cute.

7. She still has only 7 teeth.

8. Brooklyn loves dolls and stuffed animals. She picks them up and hugs them tight.

9. She looks very similar to Barrett when he was this same age.

10. She is starting to "fight back"some when Barrett pesters her.

11. She can pour on the tears. And her tears on huge. You just want to sweep her up and love on her. As do other people in stores who are probably thinking" What did you do to her, you mean mommy!"

12. She loves her mommy. Though we are through with the separation anxiety, she still likes me to hold her and follows me around the house.

13. She has the greatest laugh. She can get going and it is hilarious.

14. If she wants you to read her a book, she will stand in front of anyone sitting on the floor and walk backwards to sit in their lap and listen to her story.

15. She likes to eat, but if she is given something she doesn't want, she will look at it and then throw it on the floor with a look of disgust.

16.Brooklyn has always loved to sleep with her taggie blanket. And now it seems she likes a bear and another blanket or two in bed with her. She is sometimes hidden under all the stuff.

We love our little girl!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trail of Lights

One of the traditions we have had ever since we have lived in Austin, is going to the Trail of Lights. Every year at Zilker Park they have a tree made of lights. This tree is huge. The kids(and us too) love to spin around under the tree and then look up at the lights. You get really dizzy! We also have to have kettle corn and funnel cake. Then it is off to walk through the park and look at all of the light displays. There are all sorts of displays. Barrett liked the "Candyland" one the best of course! The trees are all lit up all over and there are tunnels of lights to walk through too. The kids had a great time and so did we. It is a fun tradition we plan to keep!
Dizzy BarrettDizzy BrooklynBarrett with his yummy kettle cornBrooklyn loved the blow up SantaDerek pushing B, Tate and Brooklyn down to the trailGrant and Brooklyn stuck in their strollersMe and my little man

Fun times for all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catching Up

Merry Christmas from the Reaves!
Its been forever since I have blogged. We have been busy and enjoying the holiday season. We had my family here for Thanksgiving. It was a fun time and we ate lots of food and enjoyed each others company.
Then it was time to get out the Christmas decorations and get our tree. Barrett helped us pick out a tree and it was quite a bit bigger then out tree last year. We decorated it and the rest of the house. This got us into the Christmas Spirit even more. I am done with Christmas shopping and the presents are wrapped. Yippee! It makes me enjoy what the season is all about when I am not so stressed out about!
Picking out the tree
Posing by our tree

All set up for Christmas!

We had a Christmas party at our home last weekend. There were like 60 people(kids included). It was lots of fun and good to visit with friends from church and Barrett's school. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends in our life.
This week I went to Waco to help Kara get settled into her new house. They have a beautiful home and it was fun to see them.
Here are some other pics of the kiddos, just because I think they're cute!