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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy May

We have had a busy month. Here's what we've been up to...

We've been going to the pool- ALOT! We've played in the sprinkler and eaten lots of popsicles and ice ream already too.

Barrett and Brooklyn had a Mother's Day Tea at their school. The kids put on a performance and sang lots of cute songs. Then we had a yummy brunch. It was sweet.

Mother's Day was a fun day. Derek got me some beautiful flowers. After church, we went to lunch at the Belmont for a delicious brunch and enjoyed some live music too. Then I took the afternoon to go shopping. It was fun to not be rushed and go in store that don't work out well with the kids.

We made a trip to Dallas to see Kellee and Anthony. We always enjoy sitting and talking with them. The guys played golf and Kellee and I took the kids to the Dallas Aquarium. It was great and I definitely recommend it. Kellee cooked us wonderful food too and of course we enjoyed some great wine.
Barrett and Brooklyn finished up MDO for the year. They had a little graduation and reception. It is fun to see the kids play and laugh with all of their friends. I can't believe Barrett is headed to kinder in the fall.
Barrett had a birthday party at Goin' Bananas. It is a bounce house place. He had a great time bouncing and going down the slides. He was so glad to hang out with all of his friends and play. He has many great friends. He wanted a spiderman cake, so I made him a spiderman cake and some cupcakes. He said it was the best day ever!

Our friends, Jon and Amy, got married at Laguna Gloria. It was beautiful! It was outside over looking the lake. She looked beautiful and he was grinning the whole time she was walking down the aisle. It was so sweet. And alot of our friends were there too, so it was fun to hang out as couples without the kids. It was a wonderful night. Derek and I stayed in a hotel and slept till 9:15. It was awesome to sleep so late!

We also celebrated our friend, David's birthday at the Salt Lick with many of the people in our Care Group(35 or so). We enjoyed relaxing outside before dinner and then had a great time of conversation. We made our annual trip to pick blackberries at Sweet Berry farm. It was a little early in the season, so we had to work a little harder, but it is definitely worth it to get such yummy fruit. We also picked some onions, which was cool. Brooklyn thinks that the best part is petting the goats, so we did that and then finished up with some homemade ice cream.
We also had some visits from my Teddy and Grandbob. Bob watched the kids while we had wedding activities, though he and Derek did get a chance to play golf. And, my dad was here and we enjoyed a short visit with him, including a trip to Hut's. The kids had a fun time hanging with their grandpas.This was a picture I took of the kids one afternoon a busy day. The kids crashed on the couch! What a fun month!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Barrett!

Five years ago today our Barrett entered the world at 6:11 a.m. WOW! And, I can't believe that he turns 5 today. This birthday seems like a milestone one for some reason. He'll be going to kinder in the fall and seems to be growing up. He is an awesome kid and we love him so much.
Here are some of Barrett's favorites:
tv show-Pink Panther and Scooby Doo
song-Blue Skies & Rainbows
game-Leapster and football
thing to do- hug mommy
food-strawberries and chicken nuggets
dessert-chocolate fondue with strawberries
book-Froggy Plays T-ball
place to go-the pool and the neighbor's house

restaurant- Chuy's

Happy Birthday Barrett- we love you and are so proud of you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pool days!

I love summer(even though it isn't technically summer yet)! I love the sunny, warm weather. I love living in a place where you can spends half of the year at the pool! We have been to the pool 5 times in the past 8 days! I love it and look forward to many more lazy days at the pool as the summer continues.
Jumpin' in

Fun at the pool

Love those goggles

Bouncing in the water

Friday, May 8, 2009

Batter up

We went to Waco this past weekend to see Kara, Shane and the kids. We went to lunch at the Elite Grille on the circle, walked around Baylor, went to a UT-Baylor baseball game, hung out at their house and had dinner at Kara and Shane's. It was a fun day for us. We had thought the game was at 1:30, but it actually was at 6:30, but it worked out just fine to change our plans a bit. We sat in the grass on a hill and the kids could run around and play so it worked out really well. Though, it was hard to tell who we were cheering for with all of the UT and Baylor gear, but we were glad that UT won.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Can't believe it!

We took Barrett to school this week to register for Kindergarten. How the time has flown. I can't believe he will be in Kinder next year. We filled out lots of paperwork and took a tour of the school. Barrett liked the computer lab and library the best. It was fun to see the school( it is actually a school I taught at for a few weeks before I had to move to another school) and see where B will be spending so much of his time.