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Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Crib...

Hello big girl bed!

Derek went to Houston the other night to get Brooklyn's big girl bed from my parents(such a sweet daddy!). I think it is so neat that it was my bed growing up, then Kellee's, and now it will be Brooklyn's. She was so excited as we put it all together and set up. Last night, we got Brooklyn settled in bed and she read her Bible for a while and then went to sleep. Brooklyn's first night in her big girl bed went well! It is so weird to not have anyone in a crib. Where did the time go? We are so proud of our big girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break fun!

We really enjoyed our week of Spring Break. We slept in and took it easy. It was fun to all hang out together. I am starting to get sad that our time of spending most days together is coming to an end in the fall when Barrett goes to Kindergarten. Here is a run down of our week.
sleeping in late
Polvo's and a new cupcake joint, Sugar Mama's-delish!
the park with friends
going for walks with the kids
playing in the sprinkler
watching the movie, Bottle Shock
enjoying a few bottles of our California wine
watering the plants
Homeslice for the best pizza and listening to some live music
an afternoon of mommy and Barrett time
spending time in the outsideenjoying the nice weather
lunch at Threadgill's and a concert there
listening to music at Waterloo Park for SXSW
hours and hours of fun together

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wine Country

Derek and I spent a few days last week in the Sonoma wine country. It was a wonderful relaxing time for us. It is so beautiful there and Derek and I both enjoyed just driving down the country roads, looking at all of the vineyards and mountains. We had beautiful weather there. We also enjoyed taking tours of different vineyards, talking with the owners and winemakers about the process of making wine, learning the history of the area and the different vineyards and of course, tasting the great wines. Who knew there was so much science and patience that goes into a bottle of wine. We also enjoyed tasting from the barrel from several places and even bought futures for wine yet to be bottled. Kellee and Anthony were there for a few days at the same time as us and we enjoyed going to wineries with them and out to dinner. We both stayed at the same place, Honor Mansion. It was fabulous! They think of everything. We were upgraded to a suite(very nice) and they served the most wonderful breakfasts, had appetizers and wine in the afternoon, have beautiful acres of grounds to stroll around and they were so helpful. Healdsburg is a cute little town and Derek and I enjoyed walking around and eating in the quaint town. We even ran, which is a great way to see new places. It was a very relaxing time. Derek and I did spend one night in San Francisco and we ate a great Italian meal in North beach and coffee and dessert there as well. We went to breakfast and walked along the bay before Derek had to catch a flight home and I was off the hang with my mom and sisters. That post will be later.
At our first winery, Passalaqua- we ran into Kellee and Anthony there-unplanned
Hanging out Outside Honor Mansion with Kellee before dinnerHeaded for dinner at ZinOutside Michel-Schlumberger. Great wine, beautiful place and we enjoyed a yummy picnic with Kellee & AnthonyLancaster winery- we tasted in this really cool caveOutside our awesome B & B on our last dayAt Zichichi winery-so beautiful!More wine tasting-we really enjoyed learning the history of each winery

Dinner in San Fran in North Beach- we enjoyed yummy Italian food and good conversation

On the waterfront looking at the GG Bridge- you can barely see it back there

Looking at the boats as we strolled along the water

The Bay Bridge

What a fun time together

Monday, March 16, 2009

No, its pink, Mom!

Last night Barrett was rattling off additon facts to Derek and I. It went something like this...
B: 1 + 1 makes 2
2+0 and you still only have 2
5+1 makes 6
2+2 and you have 4
And the teacher in me wanted to makes sure he really understood what he was saying, so we got out some candy and were moving them to help him understand what adding means.
And, of course Brooklyn wanted to get involved too. So, we had 1 piece of candy and added another...
me: So how many pieces of candy do you have if we have one and get one more
Brooklyn(with a big grin): pink
me:no, how many pieces of candy are on the table?
Brooklyn: it's pink
me: not the color, how much candy?
Brooklyn: its pink mom
me: no, if you have 1 candy and get one more, you have 2 pieces of candy now
Brooklyn: No, its pink mom, not 2!
I guess, she still has a few more years before she is ready for addition.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Derek and I leave for a few days in the California wine country on Sunday. We are so excited to hang out together and eat good food, check out lots of wineries and drink some(or maybe lots) of wine. Then I meet up with my sisters and mom for girl fun in San Francisco for the rest of the week. I am sure there will be lots of eating, shopping, talking, laughing and enjoyment. I am so looking forward to vacation with some of my favorite people.