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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


February has been an eventful month for us. 

 Barrett has been playing basketball.  His team is the Thunder and he has had a blast.  He claims basketball is his favorite sport and he is pretty good at it. 

Derek ran 20 miles with our friend Ryan, who was competing in a 100 mile race.
Both my parents and Derek's dad have been up to visit and we enjoyed seeing them.
We watched the SuperBowl at Kurt and Suzy's house and had a fun time seeing them. Barrett wanted me to make a football cake.
My mom and I went to see Wicked.   We.enjoyed a night on the town with dinner and the show after. The show was awesome !  It was a fun night!
Derek and I headed up to Dallas to got to Kellee and Anthony's annual Pink Party.  It was fun to see lots of familiar faces and meet new ones too. We enjoyed a sushi dinner before all of the sweet stuff at the party.

We just returned from Beckenridge, CO and had a fabulous time, but I'll post on that later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Day

I love holidays.  And Valentine's Day is no exception.  It is one of my favorite holidays since having kids.  It is a good day to shower the kiddos with love. I had a fun time doing little things to tell the kids how much we love them.  
Valentine's morning I gave them a " heart attack" and wrote several things we love about each kid.  I taped them all up on the dining room window for them to see at breakfast.

Barrett reading Brooklyn's list to her

Breakfast- heart shaped bacon, heart shaped cinnamon toast and eggs in the heart. 
Eating breakfast

Flowers from my honey
Gift from Brooklyn
Ready for dinner.  We each made homemade cards for each other and Derek and I gave the kids little gifts.  I also wrote out 10 things we love about each kid and framed it.

We celebrated dinner with fancy drinks
Had heart shaped pizza
And finished up with chocolate fondue

Brooklyn loves her daddy!
me and my little guy!

Barrett had a Valentine's box contest at school.  Nana and I helped him make it.  He won most creative and was thrilled.