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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rockstar wig

This morning I got out my fall decorations. And in the box we found a wig that Derek wore last year at Halloween.
B: What's this mommy?
Me: That is a wig daddy wore. It is fake hair. You want to try it on?
B: Ok. What kind of hair is it?
Me: Like rock star hair.
B: Like Bon Jovi?
Me: Yes, put it on and you can be a rock star like Bon Jovi.
B: No, I don't want to be Bon Jovi, I want to be HANNAH MONTANA!
Me: Ok, put on your concert for me.
So, here is our Hannah Montana!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Evening Fun!

We love taking walks as a family after Derek gets off work. Derek usually pulls the kids in the wagon and they love it. The weather has been a little cooler and it is nice to stroll around the neighborhood with the kids and talk. After our walks the kids play in the yard and then I can cook with little distractions. Here are some pictures of the kids after a walk this week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Favorite Products

Recently I have found some products that I just love. I'd thought I'd share them with you. And if you have any wonderful products you like, please share. (By the way, I am in the market for new lipstick brand, if anyone has one they love).

Chi Flat Iron- I got this a few months ago and I love it. It makes my hair straight all day long, without all the frizzies. And it doesn't hurt my head.

Horizon Yogurt packs(4 individual sized)- It has a great consistency that is not runny and is really good for Brooklyn especially. My kids gobble it up!

Seventh Generation household cleaner. I love it. It cleans well and it is non-toxic which is a plus with little kids around. It does not have a strong chemical smell. I also love their laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent too.

Philosophy shower gel/ bubble bath. I love this stuff. Kellee first introduced it to me and it works well, smells good and makes me feel totally pampered.

Bare Minerals. I mentioned this before, but I love this makeup and I love how it stays on all day. It doesn't even feel like I have makeup on.

Ok, so this is a longtime favorite. I have worn this mascara since college, maybe high school. I love it. It has always worked for me and it is cheap. Always a plus. I love black, but they have all colors.

Central Market Italian Soda(found on the soft drink aisle). I love this in the lemonade flavor, but grapefruit is pretty good too. It is sparkly and fun. It makes for a great pick me up in the day. It was a summer staple at our house.

So, what are your favorite things? Please share, I'd love to hear about them.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Power of Prayer

This week I have been reminded of the awesome power of prayer. How we can go to God about the small and large things that happen in our lives. And how we are called to do just that.
About a year ago a friend of mine, Dana, almost lost her father. He was feeling bad and finally they took him in to the hospital. They didn't know if he would live, and if he did, what kind of life he would have. But, he did live and his faith is stronger and he is a true example of the power of our God. He is also an example of the power of prayer. Many requests were lifted to the Father on John's behalf, and for his family. He and Dana gave a testimony on Sunday. WOW. John and his family have glorified God through this entire process and have been a wonderful example to me and many others. John did some artwork before his illness, but now he is passionate about it. And he is drawing crosses- they are amazing. He feels close with God when he draws. He has used this experience to glorify God. He knows the power of prayer. He's seen it in his own life! God is a good God!
Another thing I experienced this week about prayer was on Wednesday. A friend of ours, Danny, has struggles with back pain and other pain for a few years. We have kept him in our prayers. Our small group went to church on Wednesday to pray over Danny and Christy with the elders. It was awesome and I totally felt the Holy Spirit in the room. Danny and Christy were anointed with oil by Barry, one of our elders, and then the elders prayed over the situation. They prayed that healing would happen, that Danny would be the father to Taylor that he wants to be, that God would take this burden. It was moving and it reminds me how much our Father loves us. And how blessed I am to go to a church where the elders will pray over you and genuinely care about a hurting member of the body. It was an awesome experience and an intimate time for all involved. I am glad that Jessica coordinated this for Danny. I am blessed to be a part of this group that cares for each other so much. I am glad for the reminder that our God is so powerful. He is a God of miracles. He gives big and little miracles everyday. He can heal! He does heal! And he loves us. I am thankful for the reminder of the power of prayer- to pray for my family, my friends, myself. And for the blessing of having people in my life that I can share those experiences and requests with.

Menu Monday

Here are the meals I made last week. You can check out the recipes on our recipe blog and a few other sites.
1. Lazy Chicken, salad, french bread
2. Taco Pockets, black beans, fruit salad,
3. Blueberry pancakes, bacon,
4. Green salsa enchiladas, rice casserole, chips, salsa
5. Florentine Chicken Ring, salad,

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tagged about my man!

I've been tagged by Kara for a different kind of Q&A: "The Game of Tag about your MAN"
1. Who is your man? Derek Randall Reaves
How long have you been together? 9 1/2 years, not counting any high school dating
3. How long dated? a year and a half
4. How old is your man? 30
5. Who eats more? Derek eats more than me , but I do eat more snacks then he does and I can definitely eat more dessert than him.
6. Who said "I love you" first? He did. And then I said it back to him. It was over the phone while he worked in Alaska one summer
7. Who is taller? Derek, he's 6'2 and I am 5'3*.
8.Who sings better? neither of us are blessed with good voices, but I wish I did. I would love to be a singer rockin' out on stage!
9. Who is smarter? Derek
10. Who's temper is worse?Have you met Derek? He is the most laid back person, so I guess I have the worse temper.
11. Who does the laundry? Me usually. I try to do it just once a week, so sometimes Derek does it if he is desperate.
12. Who takes out the garbage?Derek
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me.
14. Who pays the bills? Derek, all of them!
15. Who is better with the computer? Derek is awesome with computers, so I would say he is better. But, I do use cuter fonts than he does!
16. Who mows the lawn? Always Derek. I never have, never will!
17. Who cooks dinner? Me,though Derek does the grill
18. Who drives when you are together? Derek, I am not a good driver and I drive slow.
19. Who pays when you go out? Derek
20. Who is most stubborn? AS mentioned before, Derek is really laid back, so I am the more stubborn one
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Derek is really good about this. I hate to admit being wrong(and I usually am not ever wrong anyways!.
22. Whose parents do you see the most?Mine, we get together alot
23. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first. I kissed him back!It was at the Boone's house when we were in high school!!
24. Who asked who out? He did, I guess, but it was one of those things where we were just hanging out and then we were a couple.
25. Who proposed? Derek did. I was totally surprised. It was in Galveston on the beach.
26. Who is more sensitive? We both are sensitive, but it is definitely me. Anyone surprised by this?
27. Who has more friends? Probably me.
28. Who has more siblings? Me. I have 3 siblings and 3 sibling-in-laws; he has two siblings and 1 sibling-in-law.
29. Who wears the pants in the family? Me! Derek totally believes" If the wife ain't happy, no one is happy!"
30. What do you love most about your husband?I could go on and on... He loves God, loves me, and loves our kids, all unconditionally. He puts us above himself and is concerned about our well being. He is AWESOME!!!!
I tag Beth Fuston and Beth Hames

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brooklyn is 13 months old!

Brooklyn turned 13 months on Tuesday. Here are 13 things about her and some pictures! 1. Brooklyn still has only 4 teeth.
2. She is not walking, but crawls very fast and is cruising around alot.
3. When you say "Hello" to her, she holds her hand to her ear like she is talking on the phone.
4. She wants to be down crawling around and exploring all the time, except at church and Ladies Class, and then she wants to be held, preferably by me.
5. Brooklyn leaves a huge mess on the floor after eating since she thinks it is fun to throw her food all over the floor.
6. She loves to eat scrambled eggs, yogurt, black beans and Cheez-Its!
7. She loves to be sung to or watch Barrett perform one of his concerts!
8. She LOVES Barrett and he makes her laugh and smile(and sometimes cry) all the time!
9. She still keeps her bows on her head and doesn't usually mess with them.
10. Brooklyn recognizes lots of people and gets excited especially when she sees Grant, Tate and Taylor (and of course Barrett).
11. She loves milk!
12. She is trying to climb on all sorts of things and just sticks her leg up to try and get on things or into things, like the couch, bathtub, and wagon!.
13. She is easy going and just goes along wherever we are going and is usually happy. She is such a sweetie!Brooklyn loves reading books, especially the one about the dolly!Trying to climb off the couch
She folds her hands together like this alot. It is too cute!She is a good trooper. Sometimes she misses her morning nap and she just can't make it home with out falling asleep.Brooklyn loves Barrett! They have so much fun together!Aren't they so cute??? YES!

Brooklyn loves her Daddy. She lights up when she sees him!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turning 32!!

What a fun week we had! I celebrated my birthday last week. It was spread out over a few days. I got taken to lunch and dinner by friends who are so dear to me. They all made me feel special. On my birthday, Derek made me french toast(my favorite! ) and took me out to Home Slice Pizza for dinner. On Friday morning, we went to Houston and met Derek's parents for lunch. We celebrated Narcessa's birthday there. Then it was off to my parent's house. We hung out and B was glad to see Elizabeth, Kara, Nana and Teddy and Kellee. Derek and I went out to dinner at America's while the kids stayed behind. The food was so good and it had a neat atmosphere. It was a wonderful evening. We all stayed up talking when we got home. On Saturday, the girls took off shopping for a little bit and the men hung out with the kids. My parents good friends, Alton and Dyane came over and we got to visit with them. Then we all met Kurt and Suzy and the kids at Pappasito's( no trip to Houston is complete without a trip there)to celebrate my dad's and mine and Shaelyn's birthday. So there was 15 people there. It was a little crazy! But it was a fun time and the food was great! Then we went back to my parents for presents and have some Banana Pudding(dad's favorite). Sunday was church and then lunch with us and the Reaves'. Then we went to Shaelyn's party at IT'Z. It was fun to see her open her presents, have cake and then play. IT'Z is like Dave and Busters for kids. There was so much to do. Barrett loved the train ride, bowling, the car ride and running all around. It was a wonderful week and ended with a wonderful weekend! Here are pictures of our weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Menu Monday

I guess it has been a while since I posted. Here s what we had last week. Only a few meals to post since went out for my birthday and went to Houston for the weekend.
The meals are here.
1.London broil, baked sweet potatoes, rolls
2.Stuffed peppers, salad
3. Pollo Relleno, corn

Monday, September 10, 2007

Menu Monday

Here are the meals I made last week. I will try to take pictures and post with the recipes next week, but dinner is always a little crazy and I may forget. Enjoy.
1. Beef and Chicken fajitas, rice, beans, chips and queso
2.Pesto Pasta, Salad, green beans
3.Rachael Ray's Meat Stromboli, corn, fruit salad
4.Shrimp and Pepper Kebabs, dirty rice
5.Chicken with grapes and couscous, asparagus
You can get the recipes here.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hollywood, Here We Come!

A few weeks ago, we had 2 different photo shoot that the kids were involved in. Our friends, Mat and Beth have a production company (Alpheus Media) and they were doing some work for a non-profit organization named Healthy Child, Healthy World. Barrett and Brooklyn got to do a shoot where they were in a bubble bath . Barrett had a fun time and totally loved all the lights. He also thought it was so cool to see himself on the screen afterwards. I did not take my camera that day. But, we did a shoot with several little babies from church and I did have my camera. The kids were all dressed in blue onesies(of course, Brooklyn had her bow on) and the took some shots of them in the grass and playing with plastic toys. Barrett and Jackson and Aaris had a fun time running and playing while we were dealing with the kids. They all did well. I am interested to see what all they end up doing with everything. The organization seems really cool and has alot of wonderful information. And, our friends, Mat and Beth even got to work with Stephen Spielberg's son-in-law. And Meryl Steep is most likely doing the voice over. How cool!!! We are so glad to be a part of this(if they make the cut). Thanks Hames!!Barrett and Jackson hanging out!Taylor and Brooklyn in their blue onesiesCohen and Brooklyn playing with the plastic toysI think she looks cute in blue!The babies playing with the toysSo cute!!

Can you believe they are all sitting here and not crawling away?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Barrett goes to Preschool!

Ready for preschool!

Barrett's first day of preschool was today. He has been so excited for it. Yesterday he had me pack his lunch for school, before we had even had lunch. He is attending the same school he went to last year and he was so excited to get back and see all of his friends. He had a really good day and likes his teacher, Ms. Mary. There are 2 girls and 8 boys in his class, so I am sure things were a little crazy. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go home. I am glad he had a good time. We had a good time too while he was at school.
Isn't he so cute?Such a big boy!Making himself at home in the classroom

Barrett and Ms. Mary