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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some summer fun

The other day, we had a change of plans and our day freed up, so we decided to go to the splash pad at Ricky Guerrero Park in South Austin.  The kids had fun running around and playing in the water.  It was nice and shaded too. 

After our picnic lunch, we headed over to Sugar Mama's Bakeshop and  get some treats.  
We love us some Sugar Mamas!!

  And Barrett got a sugar cookie that he gobbled up.
 Brooklyn got a frosting shot with pink sprinkles. 
And I got a yummy chocolate malt cupcake. Delicious! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Berry Farms

After not making it for strawberry picking this year, we were really excited to go pick blackberries. We headed out to Marble falls with our friends on a rainy day.  Luckily, the rain stopped and it was nice blackberry oicking weather. We had a fun time picking!  There were so many berries, it was really easy to fill up our bucket.  After picking, we ate a picnic lunch and looked at the animals.  It was a little muddy and poor Brooklyn's flip flop kept getting stuck in the mud. We finished the day with ice cream and popsicles.  What a fun summer day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Swim Lessons for Brooklyn

Brooklyn took swim lessons in May.  She learned alot and has really grown in her confidence. She loves jumping into the water and swimming to anyone who will let her.  She is like a little fish and we are all really enjoying the pool this summer.
Oh, and she saw some braids and wanted her hair done like this- 
Isn't she so cute?  looks so grown up!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Krause Springs

The fam headed out to Spicewood one Monday to go to Krause Springs.  It was great! Spicewood is about 30 minutes west of Austin, so it didn't take too long to get there.The water felt refreshing on such a warm day.  We swam in the spring fed creek. There are several springs there.  It was a blast!  We packed a picnic lunch which we devoured.  The kids loved just swimming around and playing in the water! 

Barrett and Derek both enjoyed the rope swing.

 Derek got a good work out throwing the kids in the air- many times!  

 We ended our day up at the pool.  It was much colder than the springs(so I am told- I didn't get in).  Barrett and Brooklyn jumped off of the rock diving board and had lots of fun.

We got sno-cones that were delicious!  It was a great place for the fam to hang out together.  If you are looking for a fun summer activity, this would be great.  But, I'm sure it gets really crowded on the weekends, so be prepared.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Houston

The kids and I went to Houston to see my family over Memorial day weekend.  We had a great time.  Kara and the kids and Kellee all were there too.  It was fun to be the girls, just like when we were younger.We went to dinner at our favorite BBQ joint. The kids loved playing on the playground, snowcones and dancing to the music.  And we had fun visiting and seeing Pops and Dorrie and Aunt Jayne.
Nana and the kids

Snocones!! Yummy
Dancing the chicken dance

The kids loved picking veggies from Teddy's garden. He has a HUGE one! We brought back lots of veggies  to eat. 

Brooklyn picked several peppers and tomatoes

Barrett with a not quite ripe tomato. He also picked squash and peppers.
Dorrie, Brooklyn and Jayne with their bounty

We also went to the Oaks pool a few times. As kids, spent many summers at the pool as much as we could  so it brings back many fun memories and is cool to take our kids to the same place we swam as young kids.
Here is B coming off the slide.  Pure joy!
Barrett loved swimming.  His favorite thing was the diving board.  He loves doing cannonballs.
Elizabeth is a little daredevil just like her mommy. She had a blast on the slide and diving board.
Brooklyn loved jumping into the water and swimming- over and over again.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finishing Kinder

Here is Barrett on his last day of Kinder!

Barrett had a wonderful year in Kindergarten.  He made lots of friends.  He learned many new things and is reading!!  Wow!  He had a sweet, loving teacher, Ms. Seitz.  His favorite things about school were seeing his friends, running the track and P.E. His class had an end of the year graduation ceremony and party.  Kindergarten was a great experience for Barrett and us too.  But, we are all glad it is summer time!!
Barrett and his friend, Amaya 

Some of Barrett's classmates

Barrett getting his certificate from Ms. Seitz
Barrett and his buddies Eddie and Kris
Barrett and his teacher, Ms. Seitz