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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Fun

We had a fun, but busy weekend. It went by all too fast. It was so nice for us to have a long weekend together.
On Friday afternoon, we left for Dallas. Our good friend Katie got married on Saturday . We did not have too much traffic and only stopped once to eat dinner. Barrett made lots of friends at Panera! We got to the hotel around 9 and found out they didn't have a pack-n-play for us (which we had already called about a few times). So, poor Brooklyn spent the night in her car seat. She only woke up once and Barrett slept through it all, so it ended up ok.

Brooklyn's first night in a hotel
Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel. We had promised Barrett he could go swimming. So, we went. Even though it was chilly and 9 in the morning! Barrett had a blast and Brooklyn seemed to enjoy being in the water. Derek was a trooper and got in with the kids. Swimming lasted about 30 minutes and then it was time to get ready for the wedding. Here are some swimming pictures.

Katie's wedding was at Farmers Branch Cof C . Barrett spotted Anthony walking in and got so excited. It was a beautiful church and the wedding was sweet. Kellee was in the wedding and luckily Barrett's mouth was full of food when she walked in. He started pointing at her all excited. Then shortly after, Derek and Barrett left the auditorium. It was hard for B to stay quiet. The reception was at the church and it was fun to see our friends and family. Barrett and Elizabeth liked being on the stage. They took turns singing. David Padgett was nice to watch them. Barrett and Elizabeth had so much fun together. They are 2 peas in a pod.

Barrett and Elizaeth on the stage(at least the wedding was over).

B trying to catch bubbles. So fun!Align CenterBrooklyn and Aunt KelleeBrooklyn all tucked out from her long day
After the wedding we went to eat at Spring Creek Barbeque. All the kids loved being in the high chairs that rolled through the line. And the rolls were so good. Of course B and E had fun together after eating. They were running and dancing through the resturaunt.

Kara, me and Kellee

B and E dancing and having a blast

I guess B and E got tired and needed to take a break. They chose the baby carseat slings. Whatever works, I guess. They are so funny!

Brooklyn loves her Nana

After our late lunch, we headed back to Austin. We got in just at bedtime. Then we had church and Sunday night we had a dinner at the McDonald's. It was fun to catch up with everyone and the kids always have a blast playing together.

On Monday, we had a ice relaxing day. We worked on organizing the garage some. After Brooklyn's nap, we went to the pool. We ran into Tate and David there, so that was fun. For dinner we went to the SaltLick with friends. It was relaxing and fun to hang out. We've got a system that works well for the girls- men and kids on one side and moms on the other. Barrett loved listening to the live music while we waited for our table. It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to kick off the summer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sprinkler Fun

Barrett and Blake having a fun time in the sprinkler!
The other day Barrett had been wanting to play in the water sprinkler he got from his friend Blake for his birthday. He had been asking all day, so I told him he could after nap. He woke up so excited to get in the sprinkler. Blake and Andrea stopped by to drop off somethings and Blake wanted to play in the water too. So, we all went in the backyard and the boys had a blast running through the water and putting the balls in the ramp and watching them shoot out the top. Brooklyn wasn't so sure about the sprinkler. She did get a little wet, but she mainly liked playing with the balls. It got a little chilly, so Barrett tried to catch some rays and then wanted to be wrapped up in the towel. Blake couldn't get enough of the water. I think many more days of sprinklers and water fun are in my future.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Family Fun at Zilker Park

We went to lunch at Cantina Laredo and then to Zilker Park last Sunday afternoon. It was a fun time to hang out as a family. Barrett was so excited to ride the train, so we did that first. It was a relaxing ride through the park. Even Brooklyn seemed to like it.After the train ride, we headed to the park for Barrett to play. He had a blast running around the playscape. He went down the slide several times. We couldn't get him to stop playing.He also drove the fire truck that is at the playground and played the xylophones. He also got to do the monkey bars with the help of Derek. Brooklyn had a good time, even though she was in her stroller the whole time.

It was a wonderful day for all of us. We were all tired after and tooks long naps. What a great day!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Barrett's 3rd birthday

Barrett turned 3 this Saturday. It is hard to believe. We celebrated by having a dump truck party with his friends and our families. Barrett is into trucks , car and dirt and playing outside. It was a great time. We appreciate everyone for coming. Kara, Shane and Elizabeth came down on Friday and hung out, the kids played and went to dinner. Here is Uncle Shane with Elizabeth and Brooklyn.Kurt and Suzy, Shaelyn and Jackson got in late Friday night and Barrett was so excited to see them when he woke up. Barrett and Shaelyn play so well together and seem to really love being together. It is so neat that he has so many cousins close in age to him. We had a great time at the party. Derek made a dirt pile for behind the house where the kids could dig and play with the dump trucks. Here are some kids playing at the "dig site" as Ty called it.We also played "put the dirt in the bulldozer". The kids played with blocks and little cars and even baseball. We had all Barrett's favorite foods for lunch and then a truck cake. Barrett got lots of cool presents and had a great day. It was fun for Barrett to get to play with his friends and cousins.
Here is Elizabeth blindfolded.

Barrett taking his turn. Playing with trucks. Even Brooklyn got into the action. Happy Birthday to Barrett! Doesn't he look excited? Blowing out the candles on the dump truck cake.
We had a great time. Barrrett is such a happy kid and get so excited about thing, just like his Daddy. He is so fun to watch. We look forward to waching him as he grows up. Happy Brithday B! We love you!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brooklyn is 9 months

I had posted this earlier, but when I added the slideshow, my blog setting messed up. So, I deleted it and here is a new one, minus the slideshow. I guess at least my entire blog didn't mess up.

Brooklyn turned 9 months on Thursday. She is growing so fast. I can't believe she is so old. Where did the time go? Here are somethings about our little princess right now.

1. She is crawling everywhere. Her favorite things to crawl to are the bathtub, her toy that she can stand next to and the fireplace.

2. She loves to eat. Her favorite things to eat are rice cereal, pasta of any kind, rice, and black beans.

3. She is babbling all the time and sure knows what she is saying, even if we don't.

4. She continues to sleep well and has a good schedule.

5. She likes to be outside and anywhere else Barrett is.

6. She light up when Derek walks in the room.

7. She can pull up on a few things, like the bathtub, coffee table and B's small chairs.
8. Brooklyn loves getting a bath. She splashes around and tries to crawl in the tub.

Here are some pictures of our little angel.
Such a happy little girl!
There she goes, off to her favorite toy!I love this toy!Look at those blue eyes!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

School's Out for Summer

Barrett had his last day of preschool today. He has loved school and learned so much. His teacher, Ms. Jennifer, has been great! And he has made lots of new friends. It is fun to see him interact with them. We are sad to see the year come to an end. Here are some pictures of his "graduation" and cookie reception.

Barrett getting his diploma

Barrett and Ms. Jennifer

Barrett and Ms. Krista

Eating some cookies with his classmates

Barrett and his friend, Coby

Barrett and his friend, Ramsey

Monday, May 14, 2007

Picture of B & Miss Brooklyn

I got some pictures taken last week for Barrett's 3rd year pictures and Brooklyn 's 9 months pictures.

I think they turned out pretty cute.

Our happy girl!

What a stud!

Growing so much!

Isn't he handsome? I can't belive he is almost 3!

Barrett loves his mommy!

SO sweet!

Barrett loves being a big brother and I can't wait to watch him teach her about life.